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Risk and Fraud Prevention Department

Learn about the tools that will help you prevent electronic fraud when managing your digital business within our payment platform.

Fraud risk protection at PagueloFacil
administrative panel

You get a complete Administrative Panel

Within this dashboard you will get detailed information about your customers, so you can monitor their information and detect risky transactions.

transaction scoring system

Risk Score

Our platform offers you, free of charge, a scoring system for your transactions, which will allow you to identify which ones may be risky for your company.

validation of suspicious transactions for the company

Validation by random charge

A tool that you can access from your administrative panel, which allows you to validate transactions that appear suspicious to your company.

Fraud Prevention Tips


Detect patterns in the way your customers transact . This makes it easier for you to detect unusual transactions.


Validate that the email address and telephone number are real.


Review both approved and declined transactions.


Flag if a customer tries to make transactions with more than 3 different cards


If you detect a fraudulent transaction, refund the transaction and do not deliver the product and/or service.


Deliver the product ONLY to the cardholder and ask for the cardholder's ID at the time of delivery.


Do not deliver within 24 hours of purchase, unless it is a verified transaction.


Establish clear policies for cancellation, return and delivery of products or services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a chargeback?

This happens when the credit card holder files a complaint with the issuing bank, claiming not to have made the purchase and representing a debit to the merchant for a transaction that had already been paid for.

What are the reasons for a chargeback?

- Unawareness of purchase.
- Unauthorised transaction.
- Product does not match what was described.
- Product or service not provided.
- Credit not processed.
- Duplicate transaction.

How long does a chargeback process take?

The cardholder has up to 120 days after the purchase to file a claim with the issuing bank. The process as such can take between 30 and 45 days to process a chargeback, but the card issuing bank can take up to an additional 75 days to issue a final decision.

What is the chargeback fee?

When your business submits a chargeback, a non-refundable charge of $60.00 + ITBMS is made. It is addressed to the issuing bank of the card in question.

What is an account restriction?

These are temporary restrictions on your PagueloFacil account, which will not allow you to withdraw, send or receive money in your PagueloFacil account.

What are the reasons why my account might be restricted?

The account does not comply with all the regulatory requirements demanded by PagueloFacil, the card brands (Visa, Mastercard or Clave) or our acquiring banks.

- The account maintains high rates of claims and chargebacks.
- Non-compliance in the processing conditions, established in our terms and conditions. (This should be a link that leads to our t&c).
- Sudden and unusual increase in processing volume.
- Suspicious transaction flow behaviour.