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Tariffs adapted to each type of business
Integrated Plan

Applies to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

3.5% + $0.50

Transaction Fee + Transaction Cost

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Onsite / offsite integration

Payment and Collection functionalities

When making a withdrawal request from your platform's Balance to your bank account you will be charged a $1.00 fee.

Customised Plan

Applies to companies with some of these characteristics:

High sales volumes.
Partnerships or sponsorships.
Governmental companies.

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Onsite / offsite integration

Payment and Collection functionalities

When making a withdrawal request from your platform's Balance to your bank account you will be charged a $1.00 fee.

Additional Services


Authorise payments without capturing the funds, so you can have more control over the transaction and avoid fraud.

Fees for additional services
+ $0.50 per transaction


Automate your collections and create a customised recurring payment plan for your business.

Fees for additional services
+ 0.5% per transaction

International Transactions

When paying by international card, an additional transaction fee will be charged.

Fees for additional services
+ 1% per transaction
All prices on this website are subject to change without notice. While PagueloFacil makes every effort to provide its merchants with the most accurate and up-to-date information, on occasion, one or more items on the PagueloFacil website may be incorrect. As such, PagueloFacil emphasizes that the information and prices on the PagueloFacil website are provided for informational purposes only. Merchants cannot derive any rights from them. The prices indicated in PagueloFacil's invoices are decisive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to apply for funds to my bank account?

The cost to withdraw money from your account is $1.00 plus 7% itbms per withdrawal.

How much do I have to pay when I receive a chargeback?

Each time a buyer files a formal claim with their bank that generates a chargeback, the merchant will be charged a non-refundable fee of $60.00 + ITBMS.

What are all your charges?

We only charge for approved transactions a commission of 3.5%, a fixed fee of 0.50 cents plus 7% ITBMS. If the transaction is international, a 1% commission is added.
*there are additional costs for the recurring service: 0.5% per transaction and pre-authorisation: 0.50 cents.

Example of a domestic transaction:
$20 - 3.5%: $19.3 - 0.50 ctvs: $18.8
Total commission: $1.20 to this amount we add our 7% tax
Final total: $1.28

International transaction example:
$20 - 3.5%: $19.3 - 1% international: $19.1 - 0.50 ctvs: $18.6
Total commission: $1.40

What is the cost per transaction return?

When you make a refund, it costs 0.50 cents.

What are the limits?

The monthly, daily and per transaction limits are determined by our compliance department according to established parameters, however as a guide, for natural persons the limits are: $500 monthly and $100 per transaction. If you are a legal entity the limits are: 1k monthly and 100$ per transaction.

From your PagueloFacil account, you can request the increase of the processing limits, according to your activity.

How can I apply for an increase in limits?

In your administrative panel, go to: my company and click on request limit increase.

When can I request my funds from my bank account once the account has been opened?

After your first transaction, it must take 7 days for the funds request button to be enabled.

How do I transfer funds to my bank account?

To withdraw money from your PagueloFacil account, log in to your account from a computer and follow these steps:

- Log in to your PagueloFacil account.
- Select the withdrawal option.
- Choose the registered bank account to which you wish to send your money.
- Specify the amount to withdraw and click accept.

What is ITBMS retention and when is it done?

PagueloFacil, as a withholding agent, retains 50% of the recorded Itbms of a transaction, to be reported later to the Dirección General de Ingresos (DGI).

Example: If a transaction is for an amount of $ 107.00, the recorded Itbms of the product or service within that transaction is for $ 7.00. PagueloFacil will retain 50% of that amount, this is equivalent to $ 3.50.

Please note the following:

- Not all services within PagueloFacil calculate the Itbms recorded within a transaction.
- This only applies to businesses that are taxpayers of ITBMS.
- The merchant will be able to decide within the VPOS and Email Pago services, if the transaction has ITBMS recorded.
- PagueloFacil will only report those transactions that the merchant has placed as having ITBMS recorded.