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Receive contactless payments

We speed up the payment process for your customers through a QR code, created just for your company.

make cashless payments using the qr function at all businesses affiliated to páguelo fácil
How can your customers pay you via the QR code?

Your customers can pay you in two ways:

1. Using the PagueloFacil application

QR code on premises

Make sure your QR code is visible and easily accessible to the customer, either on your website or in your store.


The customer must log in to the PagueloFacil App, then select the scan QR code option.


Once you have scanned the code, you will need to enter the amount to be paid.


Finally you have to choose your payment method, press the pay button and you're done!

2. Using your web device to scan the code

QR code on premises

Make sure your QR code is visible and easily accessible to the customer, either on your website or in your store.


The customer must scan the code using the camera on their smartphone.


Once you have scanned the code, you will be taken directly from your browser to the merchant's checkout to complete your purchase.


Finally you must choose your payment method, enter the requested information and make the payment. That's it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have a QR code?

Your QR code will contain all your company's checkout information, allowing you to speed up the payment process for your customers, quickly, securely and without physical contact.

How can I use my QR code?

You can place your code on your website or in your physical shop, so there is no physical contact between seller and buyer. Really, you can use it wherever you want!

How do I download my QR code?

From your commerce platform, section "Payments", option "QR"; just click on the download QR code button to get your code, which will be ready for you to place it where you need it and start receiving your payments quickly and contactless.

How do my customers pay me via QR code?

Your customer scans the code and immediately the PagueloFacil checkout for your company will open on their mobile device, so they can select the payment method they wish to use to make the purchase and enter the rest of the information to complete the payment.

How do my customers scan the QR code?

The QR code is very easy to scan, your customers only have to open the camera of their mobile phone and place it over the code, so that the complete code can be seen on the screen and immediately the checkout will open to make the payment. Otherwise, they only have to enter the requested information.

How long does my QR code last?

The QR code does not expire, unless you need to generate a new one and the old one would have expired.

What is the easiest way for my customers to pay me via QR code?

The easiest and fastest way is through the PagueloFacil application, as they only have to press the scan code button and pay with one of the payment methods registered in their account.